Others weaknesses

06.11.2012 11:53

Others weaknesses

There is a proverb in Pashto that means (Our own weaknesses and faults are like our between the shoulders) Today in our society, we can see that everyone is after other peoples’ faults and weaknesses, but they either don’t see theirs, or ignore them. They are like ostriches; they think that other people don’t have eyes and brains to see and understand them; they are always ready to put their fingers on others’ faults.

It’s good if anyone wants to show someone else’s faults to help him. We can understand that outlook easily. But in our society, there is no such concept in mind. If anyone wants to bring changes by their critical mind, they should first change their own attitude and take a look at their own faults and weaknesses for correction.

This is a common issue today in our society and, because of this; people can’t do small things with confidence. A lot of lawful things turn unlawful because of this behavior.

What is the reason for this behavior in the first place?

In my opinion, the first thing is that our people are not open-minded. They see things just from the religious, traditional and cultural angles. Let alone knowing much about religion. At times, they consider cultural values as religious. They fill guilty if they don’t attempt it. They don’t know much and they don’t think about lawful things.

The second thing is that people in our society are illiterate. And by this kind of behavior they want to show themselves as literate knowing all about religion and culture, but they don’t know much about culture. And they don’t know what the aims of our religious activities are


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