06.11.2012 11:53 Others weaknesses

There is a proverb in Pashto that means (Our own weaknesses and faults are like our between the shoulders)

13.08.2009 14:29 Good Question

If a train station is where the train stops and a bus station is where the bus stops, what is a work station?

23.06.2009 09:39 SMS

To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart

13.04.2009 09:39 How much we celebrate a win of our team

Let me remind you some moments of joy from yesterday, every one know about the thrilling victory of Afghanistan cricket team in the ICC cricket history, no one believe a team from the ashes will make such disappointing in the cricket league, no body can v

24.02.2009 09:34 HOW STRANGE

A 100-rupee note looks big when taken to a Masjid............. But too small for buying CDs.

13.01.2009 05:06 From India

16.10.2008 12:04 Beautiful Day...

Every day can be a beautiful day.

13.10.2008 14:45 Fall in love/ English poem

Spring!<br /> Damply day!<br /> Sun rising<br /> And <br /> Face of Globe

24.09.2008 08:33 Love in the hell

I saw a dream last night

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